As a start-up organization we will be seeking volunteers from across Canada who represent a broad spectrum of willing partners to help us to develop and disseminate information, establish standards of certification, do public outreach and advocacy and generally spread the message of green burial and its benefits.

Right now we are getting the Society’s basic infrastructure in place, our foundation so to speak, upon which we will build a diverse, relevant and active organization.  We will be seeking representation from across Canada in, but not limited to, these disciplines:

  • The environmental design standards ‘community’ with a focus on land use best practices;
  • Consumers;
  • Cemetery operators & funeral service providers,
  • Like minded organizations promoting the adoption of defensible environmental practices;
  • The general public.

If you believe in the purposes of this society and green burial principles in general and believe you have an expertise you may be able to offer please do not hesitate to contact us.