The GBSC bylaws provide for six categories of membership, which are briefly described here: Fees and Applications are listed in the Fees Section.

Certified Provider Member

A Certified Provider Member is a business, society, organization or other entity that own and/or operate a cemetery, funeral home, crematorium, or alternate form of death care service that satisfies criteria established for one or more levels of GBSC certified provider recognition.
Certified Provider Members are required to renew their memberships annually. Renewal is subject to review by the GBSC certification committee confirming that the member continues to provide services that meet the standards established for their level of GBSC certification.
Certified Provider membership is granted to individual locations only and cannot be conferred on a blanket basis to a business or organization with multiple operating locations. Each location of such organizations may apply for Approved Provider membership on a stand-alone basis.


Associate Member

An Associate Member is a business, organization, society or association that shares common purpose with the GBSC, and is actively involved in supporting, providing, producing or supplying goods and / or services to facilitate environmentally sensitive and sustainable death care practices.  Qualifying organizations may include:  environmental organizations, landscape planning and design businesses, memorial societies, death care associations, cemetery and funeral service regulators, advocacy groups, and related organizations.

Regular Member

Is Regular Member is an individual passionate about green burial and the mission of the GBSC.  A Regular Member is prepared to support the GBSC through fees and will consider becoming actively engaged in the leadership, operation and ongoing activities of the GBSC, including election to the Board of Directors.
Only Regular Members are eligible for election to the GBSC Board of Directors.


Friend of Green Burial

A Friend of Green Burial is an individual with an expressed interest in green burial, sharing common cause with the mission of the GBSC, and wants to receive GBSC communications and attend events sponsored or conducted by the GBSC (in a non-voting capacity).   Members in this category will have limited access to the resources of the GBSC that are available to Regular, Approved Provider and Associate members.


Student Member

A Student Member is an individual enrolled in an accredited educational institution or program recognized by the GBSC Board.  A Student Member will be enrolled in programs related to environmental and sustainability studies, landscape and/or community planning studies, and bereavement care studies.  Students enrolled in studies outside of those noted are welcome to apply for Student membership and every application for membership will be vetted by the Board for suitability to be approved as a Student Member.       
A student member will be required to provide proof of accredited student status and/or ongoing program enrollment.  Only legitimate students in recognized educational programs, as vetted by the Board, are eligible for membership in this category.

Honorary Member

An Honorary Member is an individual who, at the discretion selection of the Board, is deemed deserving of special recognition by the GBSC.  Honorary Membership is granted to individuals who have demonstrated a long-term commitment to the cause of sustainable death care practices, including advocating for, educating, promoting or otherwise supporting and advancing objectives in common with the GBSC. 
Honorary Membership is reserved for individuals deserving of special recognition and will be granted at the sole discretion of the Board of the GBSC.