Approved Providers

The following Canadian Cemeteries have been approved as Certified Green Burial Providers by the Green Burial Society of Canada.

Category : Green Burial Service Provider

Category : Green Burial Cemetery - Small

Category : Green Burial Cemetery - Large

Niagara Falls, Ontario | Willow's Rest

Category : Green Burial Conservation Cemetery



Simply defined “greenwashing” is what occurs when a company promotes green-based environmental actions or images but actually operates in a way that is contrary to environmental sensitivity and misleads customers about the environmental benefits of a service or product they provided through deceptive advertising and unfound claims.  

The GBSC is dedicated to battling "greenwashing” in death care. If green burial and green funeral service practices are to get a foothold and see widespread adoption across Canada, then consumers of these services must have a source where they can find reputable, defensible information with integrity. Our mission is to show how, advocate for, and help make available green burial and green funeral practices as a part of the death care service options that Canadians can select from. 

This is why GBSC certification of green burial cemeteries and eventually funeral service providers and products will be one of the primary functions of the Society.



  • A primary goal of the Green Burial Society of Canada is to be the certification organization that sets the standard for green burial in Canada.

  • The society will offer ‘made in Canada’ environmental certification for green burial cemeteries.

  • These standards will be reviewed and vetted by qualified, independent environmental professionals to guard against ‘green-washing’.

  • Ultimately the society and this webpage will be the ‘go to’ resource for the general public, death-care consumers and death-care services providers.

For Cemetery Operators

The Green Burial Society of Canada (GBSC) recognizes four (4) categories of Approved Provider:

1. Green Burial Service Provider

2. Green Burial Cemetery (Small)

3.Green Burial Cemetery (Large)

4.Green Burial Conservation Cemetery

The criteria for each of the categories are set out below:

•Please refer to the GBSC Glossary of Terms regarding terminology used in the criteria descriptions.

•Please refer to the FAQs, following the Glossary of Terms, which address questions about the application process.

•The GBSC recognizes that, province to province, there may be operational and governance differences between cemeteries. Applications for Approved Provider status will be evaluated on the completeness of the application, which should include any notes about special considerations particular to a jurisdiction that the GBSC may need to address in providing recognition status.

•Criteria will be reviewed by the GBSC on an annual basis.Criteria may change as environmental and sustainability best practices, standards and trends emerge and evolve. The GBSC will communicate proposed changes directly to Approved Providers through the Society’s internal communication network

There is no reason why the plans we make around our own burial or cremation cannot be in keeping with practices that are supportive of nature and mindful of the environment.